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(D) A recruit newly settled on the coralline alga (top left) and the shell opening with the operculum of a D. Sperm are encapsulated in spermatophores and held for a couple of months in the female mantel cavity; internal fertilization occurs when the seawater starts to warm in late March-May levels expected by 2100 (Mid p H site) and beyond (Low p H site) than at near-future (High p H) and reference conditions (CTL_Vent and CTL_Core).This trend was not related to the number of adult D.petraeum recruits, although growing in seawater with significantly different carbonate concentrations, were calcifying at similar rates (Fig.4B), so an increased incorporation of the smaller Mg may interfere the lattice structure of aragonite.(B) Collection of a vermetid core in the outer rim of a vermetid reef; black spots are the shell openings of Dendropoma petraeum cemented by the coralline alga Neogoniolithon brassica-florida. Background fluctuations in the seawater carbonate chemistry were the same at our reference site and the reef from which core samples were taken at 81.5 nautical miles distance.(C) A vermetid core transplanted in the intertidal off Vulcano Island. Given that the seawater carbonate chemistry of coastal marine ecosystems typically varies widely as a result of diel fluctuations in photosynthesis and respiration. petraeum has a peculiar reproductive strategy and a highly specialised mode of development.About the 80% of the transplanted cores remained after one year, withstanding wave action in the intertidal.At low tide, cores having similar abundances of Dendropoma petraeum adults were collected in November 2010 and April 2011 using a pneumatic drill (Airtec 478 SN, Italy) and a 13-cm corer (Fig.

In summary, our results show that vermetid reefs have reduced recruitment success and increased dissolution at expected levels of ocean acidification.Although some molluscs can up-regulate calcification and tolerate acidified waters when a protective organic periostracum prevents shell dissolution.Therefore in areas subjected to periodic aragonite sub-saturation we found that the settlement discs were weakened by dissolution and that the new recruits were easily dislodged.Mg can substitute for Ca in carbonate, and many animals remove Mg from the calcification fluid since suboptimal Mg levels can weaken shells.The increased Mg/Ca ratio we found in waters with lowered carbonate ion concentrations may reflect an impaired ability of the vermetids to remove Mg from haemolymph and extrapallial fluids.

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1B, C) on pristine reefs at Cala Isola (NW Sicily).

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